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Recycled aircraft carbon fiber flows through to kayak paddle
21 August 2012 - Plastics Infomart

A manufacturer of handcrafted boating paddles’ search for a carbon fiber compound that combined strength and aesthetics led it to a recycled content material that incorporates post-industrial scrap from aircraft production. Werner Paddles (Sultan, WA) sourced the grade from RTP Company (Winona, MN).



14 April 2014
Aviation Week & Space Technology
Scrambling for Parts

February - March 2014
Aircraft Technology Engineering & Maintenance (ATE&M)
From Cradle to Cradle: the aim of the Aircraft Recycling Industry

5 March 2014
MRO Network News
Creative solutions for older aircraft

Jan 2014
recycling today
On auto pilot

November-December 2013
Creative developments: End-of-life solutions

13 December 2013
AFRA Promotes Global Collaboration at Aircraft Recycling Symposium

13 December 2013
Press Release
AFRA Promotes Global Collaboration at Aircraft Recycling Symposium

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