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We Exhibit, so you don't have to! AFRA includes all member and accredited company information on AFRA marketing materials at every event we attend. Our goal is to build the industry and promote your business.


AFRA Annual Meeting
15-17 June 2014
Washington DC

MRO Europe
24-26 September 2013
Booth 1211

AFRA Annual Meeting

The AFRA Annual Meeting is the most comprehensive educational and networking event in aircraft recycling. Speakers and attendees are international leaders in the aerospace industry, and the AFRA Annual Meeting provides an opportunity for these leaders discuss new technologies and business initiatives.

In addition to industry-leading workshops, AFRA holds an Annual Member Meeting, where members have an opportunity to participate directly in AFRA's agenda.

The AFRA Annual Meeting is held in conjunction with the ASA Annual Conference, providing a comprehensive event for parts, disassembly and recycling.

AFRA | ASA 2014

Other 2013 Events

ISTAT Americas
10-12 March 2013

The International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) represents lessors, financiers and other companies and indivuals involved the pricing and selling of commercial aircraft.

MRO Americas
16-18 April 2013
Booth 2318

Maintenance Repair & Overhaul - by Aviation Week.

ISRI Convention
9-13 April 2013
Booth 525

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. - the Voice of the Recycling Industry

MRO Europe
24-26 September 2013
London, UK

Maintenance Repair & Overhaul - by Aviation Week.

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