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AFRA Annual Meeting
26-28 June 2016
Las Vegas,


AFRA is the leading global organization for developing and promoting the safe and sustainable management of end-of-life aircraft and components.

Through the collective experience of its members, AFRA's Best Management Practice (BMP) Guide has significantly improved the management of end-of-life aircraft in terms of environmental and sustainable performance.

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Who We Are

AFRA has grown by more than threefold since it was established in 2006. The members of AFRA have many years of combined aircraft recycling experience and have dismantled thousands of aircraft, from both the commercial and military sectors. Members have also contributed to 2,000 aircraft being returned to the market.

AFRA represents companies from across the globe and throughout the supply-chain - from manufacturers to materials recyclers.

Founding Members

In 2006, a small group of industry leaders came together to start the Aicraft Fleet Recycling Association. AFRA would like to extend special recognition to those companies that had the vision for AFRA - and worked to make that vision a reality.

AFRA Founding Members
Adherent Technologies
Air Salvage International
Bartin Recycling Group
Châteauroux Air Center
Europe Aviation
Evergreen Air Center
Huron Valley Fritz West
Milled Carbon, Ltd
Rolls Royce
WINGNet / Oxford University

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