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AFRA members are global leaders in the management of aging aircraft fleets. With companies from across the world - AFRICA, EUROPE, the MIDDLE EAST, CANADA, BRAZIL, & the US - AFRA membership provides an international perspective and promote greater cooperation among governments and industries.

AFRA represents every sector of the aviation industry, from manufacturing to materials recycling. Leaders from every part of the value-chain have joined AFRA to develop end-of-life solutions.


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26-28 June 2016
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Who We Are

Nearly every major aircraft and engine manufacturer - including Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer and Rolls-Royce - are part of the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association. These industry leaders have shown their commitment to end-of-life issues by joining and/or getting accredited by AFRA.

Disassemblers & Parts Distributors
AFRA created and maintains the only industry-developed best practices guide for aircraft disassembly. The AFRA Best Management Practices (BMP) Guide for Disassembly is the leading standard for dismantling aircraft in a safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly manner.

Materials Recyclers
Recycling the metals, carbon and other materials from a scrapped aircraft is an equally significant part of the environmental processes and business planning for end-of-life aircraft. AFRA has developed a Best Managment Practices (BMP) Guide for aircraft materials recycling as part of our Accreditation Program to ensure best environmental practices for the final step in the aircraft recycling process.

Leasing & Finance
AFRA represents aircraft financers and lessors who are working to integrate end-of-life values into their asset valuations. AFRA attends the ISTAT Americas Conference every year to discuss the value of aircraft when they reach retirement.

Air Centers
Air Centers are becoming an increasingly important business model for aircraft recycling. By clustering dismantling, recycling and scrap services in one location, air centers can provide space and services for a full recycling solution.

Research & Development
AFRA offers complimentary membership to research institutions developing innovative techniques and business practices for end-of-life aircraft management. From the founding of AFRA, we have maintained a close relationship with research institutions that are focusing on new technologies for aircraft recycling.

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